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2 Great Stamina Workouts For Football Players With Ball

Recently we made the post 3 Stamina Workouts for Football Players which consisted of good interval exercises for players to get game-fit.

This short and consist post will contain 2 great stamina workouts for football player with BALL.

We overlook the importance to practice fitness with the ball, as well. Which results in many players not being good on the ball while feeling tired, or not having the control in higher pace.

1. The Ronaldinho Drill

A great stamina workout for football players is the famous Ronaldinho drill.

It is a vert simple drill, but it requires quite a few cones.

Here's what you do:

Put around 15-20 cones in a random order with not a big space between them (see picture).

Perform a dribble around them in a freestyle. There is no right or wrong, just try to keep tempo and get as many touches on the ball as possible.

See this video for demonstration.

Perform a dribble for 45 seconds, and rest for 1 minute. Do this for 4 sets.

The Ronaldinho drill is one of the 2 Great Stamina Workouts For Football Players With Ball.

2. 2m Square Dribble

This a similar drill to the Ronaldinho drill.

In this exercise, first set up a square with cones with around 2 meters between them. It is supposed to be quite a tight area.

The execution is simple. Perform a freestyle dribble inside of this square in a high tempo. Turns with both feet, inside and outside touches, tricks, sole dribble. Anything. You are supposed to go loss in this square, have good control and get many touches in.

You should do this for 30 seconds and be really tired. Be hard on yourself. No sloppy turns with no pace.

30 seconds dribble, 30 seconds rest. Perform 3 - 4 sets.

This is the second of the Great Stamina Workouts For Football Players With Ball.

2 Great Stamina Workouts For Football Players With Ball

Both of these drills are simple, but they are supposed to be done on very high tempo. Otherwise you are doing it wrong. You are working on your endurance while having the ball on your feet. Be tough with yourself, really go all in!

We hope this posts gave you some insightful tips, and make sure to check out our blog for more posts like this if you want to get tips on how to become a better player, how to get scouted or how to contact teams.

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