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3 Attributes That Every Footballer Needs to Work on to Get Better

In order to get better at football, it's not always just technical work with a ball, it involves many different important pieces. In this blog post we focus on 3 attributes that every footballer needs to work on to get better.

As said, there are many different components that together make a great player, so just because you are great technically that doesn't mean you don't have many things left to work on!

1. Tactical Work and Positioning

3 Attributes That Every Footballer Needs to Work on to Get Better

How a player thinks, is usually what separates the pros from the amateurs.

At a lower level, in the lower divisions what wins games usually might be individual brilliance, but the higher up you get the more you see teams being extremely organized and smart.

They might not be extremely technical, but they have a purpose in what they do. And that is key.

Just look at the best player in the world, Leo Messi. He doesn't need to run all the time to get into the right position. He is smart. He knows when the right moment is to make the run or to press.

Working on your positioning will not only make you more successful in winning the ball, but also make you run in a smarter way so that you don't end up chasing in circles.

Things you can do to work on your positioning and overall tactics understanding:

  1. Next time you watch a game don't just watch, but analyze. Pick a player, ideally in your preferable position, and look at and think about how the player moves and reacts in different situations. Think about how you can apply this to your game.

  2. Buy a course from CoachesVoice and you will learn and extreme amount of useful information that will help you become a better football player. Don't want to spend money? Then YouTube will be your best friend.

This is one of the attributes that every footballer needs to work on to get better. And whether you want to invest money in it or not, it's up to you, but it will definitely be worth it to spend some time on this kind of training as well.

You can read more about this subject in our previous blog post 5 Tips on How to Become a Professional Football Player (soccer) in 2020.

2. Mindset

3 Attributes That Every Footballer Needs to Work on to Get Better

This attribute it most likely the most overlooked by both coaches and players, but the most important.

Because no matter how much time you spend on ball work, strength work and so on, if you have a bad mindset and you don't believe in yourself none of these other pieces will work great together.

“Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.” -Henry Ford.

Not spending time on mental training is something that kills a lot of potential and something that will overall slow down your progress as a player.

There is not one right thing on how to improve your mindset, some players prefer visiting a sports psychologists that gives them guidance, some mediate or some have specific game/practice rituals to help them focus.

Do whatever you think works for you. If you want more tips and a guide on mental training visit our previous post What Is Mental Training? (For Footballers).

Working on your mindset is one of 3 attributes that every footballer needs to work on to get better, make sure to spend some time on this!

3. Your Weak Foot

This last attribute is also something coaches and players often overlook. Coaches don't push on the technical aspect that you should perform every turn or dribble in a drill with both feet.

This results in many players not being able to use their other foot as much.

But just think about how many things you would be able to do, if you would feel more comfortable using both of your feet. You would be able to shoot from most angles on a pitch, you would be able to cross from both sides and you would be more successful in receiving the ball.

In order to improve your weak foot, you just needs to be consistent. The reason why you are so much better with your strong foot is because you have spent hours on working on it.

Things you can do:

  1. Juggle with your weak foot only. Try to juggle with your weak foot only ad count how many you get, try to beat that score everyday. Small things like this improve your overall touch and control with the foot.

  2. Wall passes. Find a wall and pass the ball on a shorter distance with your weak foot. Try to use inside and laces passes. Compare how you touch differences the basses with your strong and weak foot, how do you improve that?

  3. When you are at a field, shoot first with your strong foot, then your left foot. try to compare the different shots (record if you can) and analyze how you run on to the ball and how you position yourself for the shot. What is the difference?

These are the 3 Attributes That Every Footballer Needs to Work on to Get Better

We hope this blog post helped you and let us know if you tried out any of the tips and how they helped you!

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