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4 Things That Football Scouts Are Looking For

Are you looking for things that football scouts are looking for in football players?

4 Things That Football Scouts Are Looking For

In this blog post we will go through what kind of technical and personality traits football scouts are looking for when attending games.

1. Technical Skills

This one is probably the most obviously one, however too often is good technique mistaken for crazy looking dribbles.

Of course, if you can pull out good looking dribbles and go past players, then great. However, the end product is the most important. If you go past three players but then lose the ball and destroy your teams counter attack when you had many chances to play the ball forward, then that's not great anymore.

Scouts are more focused on technical skills such as a player's first touch, ball control and good decisions.

Things such as if you can take the ball with you in your first touch, or if you play good timed passes to your teammates.

If you are brave and take on players, that's great, but as said before it's the product that counts. Too often do scouts see players who beat one player, then slow down so that that defender catches them again and they have to beat the same player again. Such things only slow down the pace of the game.

Your technical ability is one of the things that football scouts are looking for the most during a game.

Football IQ

Football IQ, or in other terms Tactical Awareness, is most likely the one of the most important things that football scouts are looking for.

Tactical awareness is how you move around the field and recognize opportunities and see open spaces.

The movement without the ball here is the most crucial. How do you move to open up the space for yourself to receive the ball, but also how do you run and move away so that you open up the space for your teammates. These are called unselfish runs. In most cases you won't get the ball, but your movement moves the opposition and opens up opportunities for other players.

The Fulham scout Roger Skyrme has said that he rarely will follow the ball during a game. He will instead focus on the player, and their movement and understanding of the game.

Are you looking to improve your Football IQ? Make sure to check out the post "5 Soccer Training Drills to Improve at Home During Coronavirus" where we speak about how to improve your awareness on the pitch.

3. Physique

Obviously young players can not really impact how fast they grow and how easily they can build muscles in the younger age.

However, something that you have a lot of control, if you are younger or older is your stamina and endurance during a 90 minute game.

4 Things That Football Scouts Are Looking For

If you are completely gassed before halftime, and haven't even made that many runs, then something is wrong.

No matter how good you are on the ball, when you get tired those things will no longer matter because your kick gets worse, your movement, speed and so on.

If you want to get noticed you need to be able to do an impact during the 90 minutes.

4. Attitude

Scouts don't only look for merely football abilities, but also the mental aspect of a player's game.

How is you attitude during the game? Do you only criticize and throw your hands up when your teammate makes a mistake, or are you being a positive leader trying to push their team forward.

How do you handle your emotions during pressure? How is your attitude when your team is losing, or when you team is winning?

Are you moving without the ball, or waiting for someone to just deliver the ball to your feet?

There are a lot of aspects that make a great football player.

Scouts often show up to a game long before it starts, to even watch a player how they warm up. To see their attitude and focus even before the game starts.

4 Things That Football Scouts Are Looking For

These are the 4 things that football scouts are looking for during a game in a player.

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Things That Football Scouts Are Looking For

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