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5 Soccer Training Drills to Improve at Home During Coronavirus

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

Coming up with soccer training drills when you are stuck at home for weeks can be tough. And we get that! But this is a great opportunity to get ahead of those that aren't doing anything right now. And that's why we prepared these 5 soccer training drills to improve at home.

These will help you technically, mentally, and tactically.

Soccer Training Drills to Improve Technically at Home

1 . Juggling (Different Variations)

A lot of people will tell you that practicing juggling is worthless. Because after all, you won't be juggling during a game.

And while that's true, that doesn't mean that improving juggling won't improve your technical abilities.

Mastering juggling the ball with help you with:

  • Your first touch

  • Your balance and agility

  • Controlling the ball in the air

The best way to get better at juggling?

In these videos, I've attached examples of ways you can easily improve your juggling, and thus your crucial football skills:

Soccer training drills
Weak foot only.

Soccer training drills
Left left, right right, left left, right right.

soccer training drills
Low low, high, low low, high.

  • Juggle in a specific sequence. For example: right, right, left, left. Trying out different techniques for this will drastically improve your first touch.

  • Juggle as many times as possible as you can with your weak foot. (Give this 10 minutes of your day. Small repetition repeated daily will get you fast improvements.)

  • Try a juggling sequence where you change the height. For example, try a Left low-juggle, right low-juggle, and then left-overhead juggle.

Try to spend between 20-30 minutes on this every day, when doing this soccer training drills session. You won't ever have an opportunity to spend as much time on this as before.

2. Short Taps Between Your Feet

This exercise is great because it is super easy to do at home as it doesn't make much noise, eliminates possibility of destruction, and doesn't require much space.

Soccer training drills
Taps between feet
  • Pass the ball between your feet as quick as possible without losing control.

  • Do it for high intensity for 20 seconds, and rest 10 seconds.

  • Do 3-5 sets of 3 reps.

3. Inside, outside

This exercise also doesn't require a lot of space and is great for your touch and control.

Soccer Drills
Inside, Outside
  • Try to do this as quickly as possible without losing the control of the ball too much.

  • Do it with high intensity for 20 seconds, and rest 10 seconds.

  • Do 3-5 sets of 3 reps.

  • If you don't feel comfortable with your touch, first practice it without the intensity to first master your touch.

Soccer Training Drills to Improve Mentally and Tactically at Home

1. Practice Meditation

Using Meditation as Football Player

A big mistake made by many athletes overall, is that they only focus on the physical aspect of training.

However, training your mind is just as important as training your muscles.

If your head isn't in the game, you won't play to your full potential.

With you currently being at home, this is a fantastic soccer training drill to practice.

And don't bother with the excuses that you don't have time for this one. WE ALL KNOW YOU DO!

According to Headspace, there are a few things that meditation will help you with:

  • Helps you better cope and reduce stress

  • Improve your sleep

  • Faster recovery

According to a study by the University of Wisconsin, practicing meditation can also strengthen your immune system.

  1. Get the Headspace app (or other meditation app.)

  2. Spend around 10-20 min a day on meditation whether in the morning, evening, or both.

  3. Our tip for athletes is to use the module called Performance Mindset which is done in mind for athletes.

2. Practice Tactical Skills

Training Tactical Intelligence

Soccer training drills to improve at home during Coronavirus should not only be specifically you performing a task with the ball on the field. It is also important to improve your tactical intelligence because that will help you make better and faster decisions on the field; as well as help you move on the field in the most efficient way.

Since there is no football on TV right now, go on YouTube and search for some older games in the top leagues and analyze them. While it's great to enjoy games, this is a perfect time to study them.

Pick a player that is specific to your position and analyse these things:

  1. How does the player receive the ball? What's their body positioning? Which foot and why?

  2. How do they position themselves before receiving the ball? How do they look around and make space?

  3. What do they do after passing the ball? Do they stay still or move forward? Stay to defend?

  4. What is their reaction after they lose the ball? Press?

And don't just watch the ball. Watch the players without the ball and how they move.

5 Soccer Training Drills to Improve at Home During Coronavirus

These were the 5 soccer training drills for you to get better at home while being in lockdown. To stay up to date with new tips, make sure to download the app ScoutMapp where you can get different sorts of advice around soccer (football) but also where you can showcase your skills and get discovered as a player.

Download it from the App Store and Play Store now, or check out the web version.

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