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How to Improve Your Weaker Foot (As a Football Player)

Having one weaker foot is very common in football, however it doesn't mean it's something players should work on, no matter the age.

How to Improve Your Weaker Foot

Having one weaker foot means that you are restricted from which angles you can shoot, from where you can cross and how good you can control the ball in various situations.

The problem is that starting in a young age, coaches don't empathize on doing each exercise with both feet. When players are young this is particularly important, because we are building a players basic technique.

The focus should therefore be, especially in technical exercises, to make a player comfortable with both feet.

You Can Improve Your Weaker Foot No Matter the Age

How to Improve Your Weaker Foot

A big misunderstanding is that players think that once they reach a specific age it's a waste of time to train their weaker foot.

And of course, spending more time on perfecting your strengths is a good idea, but having two feet which you can use in a game is going to make you a better player and more confident one as well.

Therefore, invest time in this no matter how old you are.

Repetition: A Key to Improve Your Weaker Foot

A key to improve your weaker foot is constant repetition and staying consistent.

It all pretty much goes down to muscle memory and technical training. You are so used to using your other foot only, which makes it feels weird when you kick the ball with your weaker foot.

Things You Can Do to Improve Your Weaker Foot

Juggling - Ball Control

People tend to say that juggling is useless because you will never really use that in a game.

However, juggling is a great exercise to train your ball control.

What you can do here is that you firstly pick up the ball and juggle the ball once with your weaker foot and then catch it straight after. Repeat this for some time, then try to juggle the ball twice and catch it, and then three an four and so on.

How to Improve Your Weaker Foot

When that feels good, now start doing two juggles with your strong foot and one with your weak foot. Try to do as many repetitions as possible.

When you feel comfortable with this, now do only one juggle with your strong foot and two with your weaker foot. Try to do as many repetitions as possible.

After you have completed these "patters" now take the ball and juggle with your weak foot only for as many repetitions as possible.

Repeat this exercise daily, to see improvement in your ball touch and feeling with your weaker foot.


Get a partner or a wall and just pass.

Pass as much as you can, and get in as many repetitions as possible.

If you are using a wall try to pass with inside and also with your laces. When passing the ball, try to mimic the movement of when you pass with your strong foot. What is the difference?

It will feel weird in the beginning, but it all comes down to muscle memory and what you are used to doing. The more consistent you are with this kind of training, the less weird it will start to be.

If you are training with a partner, try to receive a pass the ball with your weak foot only.

Start with a smaller distance and then increase it gradually between each other.

How to Improve Your Weaker Foot

A good exercise to do with a partner is to measure a distance between 10-15m, put a cone in front of each other on each side and start with just receiving the ball with your right and passing with left. Here both of you start on the right side of your cone, and take a touch inside with the right foot to pass with the left on the other side of the cone. Then you switch sides to do the same thing but with different feet.

You will train both receiving and passing the ball with many repetitions. It's also good because you will receive the ball into space, like in a game, and not stand still when you receive the ball.


In this case it also goes down to muscle memory and correct technique when shooting.

How to Improve Your Weaker Foot

In this case getting a ball of bags and doing many sets of repetitive shooting is a good thing to do, however you need to do one thing before that.

You should record yourself shouting with both your strong foot and weak foot and then analyze the difference.

Do you come at the ball in a weird angle? Your foot is too lose?

With this analyze, the many repetitions of shooting will be of more value, and yo will know better what you need to improve.

Another thing to mention is that in order to improve your weaker foot, you can record all exercises you do, if that's juggling or passing, it will benefit you with a lot of good information.

How to Improve Your Weaker Foot

In order to improve your weaker foot, you need to be consistent with that you do so that your weaker foot learns what it is missing.

This won't take a day, so patience is key.

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