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How to Make a Football CV

If you want to become a professional football player, or even if you want to play football (soccer) in college, you'll need a football CV.

A football CV will help coaches, agents and/or scouts to easier understand your abilities and if you are the kind of player that they are looking for.

Want to learn how to make a football CV? You have found the right place.

Let's get started.

What is a Football CV and Why Do You Need One?

how to make a football cv

If you apply for a job, you will need to bring a CV to an employer with your past work experience and education, right?

A football CV is essentially the same thing, but instead with information about your player history and player profile.

It includes in short, all your past clubs, schools, your positions, height, weight, education, statistics, and core values.

Why Do You Need a Football CV?

how to make a football cv

A football CV is necessary when you are trying yo find a club to sign for or if you are trying to get recruited for college.

If you want to be signed, and you are emailing and reaching out to coaches you will have to provide them a football CV (with all your information) along with a highlights video ( with the best clips of you playing).

Even if you are taking help from an agent, the agent will still need your football CV when he is talking with clubs about you.

The clubs and coaches need to know who you are and what your abilities are in order to understand if you are a player that would fit into their team.

That's why it is crucial to have a well-made football CV to stand out from the crowd. And also, because nobody will sign you if they don't have any information about you.

Making a football CV and highlights video and reaching out to people is much more proactive than just waiting until some scout will eventually slide by your Sunday League game and sign you.

How to Make a Football CV

Invest some time and effort into making your football CV.

Of course, you don't need to make some extraordinary but don't do it sloppily.

You need to make it comprehensive and easy to understand.

After all, that will be someone's "first impression" of you.

Step 1: Contact Information and Photo

how to make a football CV
Contact Information and Photo

The first thing in your Football CV is very basic but many people actually forget this.


How else will someone be able to get back to you if you don't provide these?

Put these details at the top of your page:

  • Your full name

  • Phone number

  • Email address

  • Address (only if you want)

In the top right corner add a photo of yourself that looks professional. Don't use a selfie or anything on that level. instead, try to use a photo of you in a football jersey looking straight into the camera.

Step 2: Bio

Here you fill in all the basic information about you, like height and weight.

The best thing here to it to write it in a list format like this:

DOP: 1998/01/13

HEIGHT: 175cm

WEIGHT: 64cm


POSITIONS: Right Forward, Right Back

NATIONALITY: Polish and Swedish

Make sure to not write too many positions, two is enough. It's obviously great if you can play anywhere, but if you write that you "can play anywhere," it just doesn't sound professional.

Why Nationality?

In some cases for example in Europe, specific leagues have rules about how many players they can have outside of Europe. That means it will be important for them to know this information.

Step 3: Core Skills

Here you have a chance to list all your most valuable aspects that shape you as a player. Things such as speed, technic, stamina, etc.

However, it is much better to write something like 13s in 100m than just "Speed" or "fast player".

Worthy of a mention is how much on average you run during a game, or how high you can jump with actual numbers.

A good thing to add as well is current statistics. If you have a 90% success rate in passing or winning 1v1 situations, then, without doubt, put that in!

But don't overdo it. A football CV should not be more than 2 pages long!

Step 4: Player History

How to make a football CV
Player History

In this section of your football CV, from most recent to the oldest, list all the places that you have played at.


  • Name of the club

  • League

  • What year(s) you played there

You can also include statistics for each club if you have any access to that.

It can be anything from how many minutes you played, how many goals/assists in a season you got, or if you were the freekick taker.

Also, if you have some national team caps, make sure to give that its own section on how many games you have played and where.


If you are looking to get recruited for college and you are American, you most likely have been playing high school soccer and club soccer. Make sure to make a section for each:

Club soccer:

*List all your clubs with statistics*

High School

*Name the high school team and include statistics*

Step 5: Referrals

It is important to add referrals to your football CV because that gives you more credibility.

Coaches you reach out to can easily contact your old clubs and coaches to speak about you and get more information. This will boost your chances of getting signed!

Add at least 2 referrals with name, a phone number and email address to the person so it is easy to reach them.

Step 6: Other Information

In this section, you can add information such as the different awards you have received or if you speak other languages. Any certificates you have or any valuable thing that is relevant to you as a person.

Step 7: For Players Wanting to Play in College

If you want to play in college and be a student-athlete, then it is important that you also put in your academic information. That can be added after your bio in your football CV.

This is important to have in your football CV because if a coach will be looking to recruit you, they will need this information. And this information is also needed if you are not American but looking to play in an American college.

For example:


GPA: 3.5

SAT: 1900

ACT: 31


This is How to Make a Football CV

We hope this post about how to make a football CV has been helpful. If you want to learn how to make a highlights video as well, we will be making a post about that shortly. For now, we recommend that you check this video from BecomeElite on how to make a highlights video.

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