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How to Make a Highlights Video (For Football Players)

If you are a football player who's looking to either sign for a professional club or to get recruited for a college, you will need a highlights video.

In this post, we will guide you through how to make a highlights video, and also explain why you need one.

What is a Highlights Video and Why Do I Need One?

A highlights video is edited footage of your best moments from different games. It can be goals, dribbles, defensive moments, and so on. It is your "football portfolio".

The reason why you need a highlights video is that if you are looking to get signed, whether with a club or with a college, the coach will need to be able to see how you play.

Simply emailing a coach and saying "hey I wanna play for your team" won't really convince anyone.

You need to convince them of your skills and talents on the pitch.

A highlights video is usually the "first impression" a coach gets form you, so make sure that your video really shows up your core values as a player.

How to Make a Highlights Video (For Football Players)

How to make a highlights video

When you start making a highlights video, obviously you first will need some filmed footage.

Your club doesn't record your games?

Ask your parent or friend to then record your games, and don't worry if you don't have a professional camera. A normal smartphone works perfectly these days.

However, it is important that you make sure that the person records it in the correct way.

If possible, try to get the video recorded from a higher point, such as from the bleachers. Also make sure that the person doesn't zoom in the video on you, but tries to show at least 1/3 of the field. Otherwise, it will be hard to tell how you actually move around on the field.

What a Highlights Video Should Contain

How to make a highlights video

What your highlights will look like mostly depends on what position you play on.

If you an offensive player, you will then need footage such as:

  • Goals and assists

  • Successful dribbles

  • Your pace on the wing

  • Combination passes

  • Playing with your head

If you are defensive player, well then you need footage such as:

  • Successful tackles

  • 1v1 defending

  • Your speed

  • How you handle high press from the other team

  • Long passes

If you goalkeeper player, well then you need footage such as:

  • Saves

  • Your kicks out

  • Play with feet

  • Distributions

  • How you control the backline

(As a goalkeeper you can also add some practice footage)

No matter your position, every video should have an introduction which consists of a photo of you and your name, age, current club, position.

How Long Should the Highlights Video Be?

Well, try to have it between 5-10min.

Having it less than that time won't really show enough who you are as a player and your core qualities.

If it's too long, coaches will get bored.

How to Make a Highlights Video - Editing Tips

In order to edit your video together, you can use simple software like iMovie.

What you need to think of when you edit your footage:

  • No individual clip should be shorter than 5 seconds. If you score or have an assist then show how the game actually developed up until that point

  • Don't add any music

  • Show a variety of clips

  • Add in a circle or arrow in the video that shows where you are at the pitch

  • Start your highlights video with the best clip

This is How to Make a Highlights Video for Football Players

How to make a highlights video

This is how to make a highlights video, and remember: a good highlights video is key to have if you want to get the attention of a coach.

If you are looking to sign for a professional team, then make sure to read the blog posts on how to make a football CV.

Because you will need one of those as well.

And here is another resource for you to watch too!

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