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What Do Scouts Look for in Football Players?

In this blog post, we will go through the key aspects that scouts look for in football players.

Agents vs Scouts

This is something that people often confuse together.

Agents and scouts are different things.

Agents usually represent a player, and try to market and sell their player to a club. Then they get a cut of their salary, and that's usually how agents make their money.

Scouts on the other hand are usually hired by clubs to find players and talents for that specific team.

What Do Scouts Look for in Football Players?

What Do Scouts Look for in Football Players?

Ball Control and Technical Ability

The first thing scouts will look at is usually how comfortable you are with the ball in different situations. How good your control on the ball is in harder situations, around the box and so on.

Are you comfortable in receiving the ball when under pressure? Do you try to get rid of the ball as soon as you get it?

In order to be "attractive" to a scout you need to be comfortable on the ball no matter what the situation is. For example as a forward, you need to be comfortable and have good control when receiving the ball with the defender on your back.


Another very important aspect that scouts look for in football players is what decisions do they make on the field. Do they make the right decisions?

Are the quick in their thought process?

What does the player do directly after receiving the ball?

Do the always go forward/backward with the ball?

Your decision making is a big part of how good you are as a player. That's why this is something that scouts primarily also focus on.

Personality and Attitude

This might not seem very obvious, but who you are off the field also matters to the scouts.

You as a player need to have good body language, both on and off the field.

You need to be good with your teammates in the dressing room. How you behave, not only on the field, matters too.

Scouts have that in mind before they sign that player for their club.


Another thing that scouts look for in football players is how they move on the field.

And not only with the ball, more so how they act when they do not have the ball by their feet.

Do they stand and look how their teammates are trying to win the ball back? Or are they active in the press?

Do they give their teammates options?

Do they create space for their teammates with their runs?

This is a very important aspect. Because as a player, during the game you will only have the ball for a couple seconds. Most of the time you won't actually have the ball, that's why you need to show that you have a good work-rate without the ball as well.

"Football brain"

Do you as a player have the right tactical awareness and understanding?

Do you simply know what is required of you in your position?

Scouts look for players that know and read the game well. As a good player, you know what role you have on the field in your position. Both defensively and offensively.

What Do Scouts Look for in Footballers?

What Do Scouts Look for in Football Players?

Another thing that is important to mention is that firstly, scouts will in most cases look for the player that is needed for their club.

If the team is in need of a good midfielder, a scout won't maybe give you attention as a defender because that is not the player that he/she is looking for.

Second of all, waiting for a scout to just show up on your game is not enough to actually become a pro player. If you want to be scouted you need to make it possible for people to see you and find you.


Go to trails, email clubs your highlight videos, connect with the right people, or get an agent.

These days it's really hard to just get scouted from just a scout watching your game. So keep that in mind.

Another thing you can do is to get an app such as ScoutMapp, which makes it possible for you to get discovered as a player completely for free!

Want more tips?

Check out this video by Unisport, that talks about scouts and how to get scouted.

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