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REALTY Players AGENTS/SCOUT Management Inc, we are an agency providing a full Recruiting/scouting/trials for our clients and to our International partners. With offices and representatives in fourteen nations.

** Well we are Currently Organization a Trial for Young Talented soccer player all over the world from Asia, Africa, America, Europe, etc just for them to come and achieve their dream to become a great player in Life and become a star and we choose England as Location because it is a Tourist Center been done Qualified player will be signed 3 years contract and be paid weekly.


*****I am agent COLLINS Eamonn a Fifa Registered soccer agent based in England. We are looking for talented players,  we would like to offer them with a soccer trial in England, Spain, Italy, Germany Teams so that they can show the world how talented you are. 


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Or call:+447024083267

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Liverpool FC


November 11, 2020